Revolutionizing Press Monitoring with WebPressGrabber and WpgDash

In the vast and ever-evolving digital landscape, WebPressGrabber stands out as a groundbreaking solution for automating press reviews. This robust platform empowers all businesses engaged in press monitoring and press reviews to autonomously download PDF pages from a plethora of online newspapers—both national and international, paid and free. Acting as a true catalyst for efficiency, WebPressGrabber unlocks resources and time, enabling businesses to focus on what truly matters—their core operations.

WebPressGrabber automatizza il monitoraggio della stampa, permettendo alle aziende di scaricare pagine in formato PDF da una vasta gamma di testate giornalistiche online

WpgDash, an advanced version of WpgGrabber, expands these capabilities even further. With its intuitive and user-friendly web interface, it facilitates comprehensive management of the platform. The entirely cloud-managed solution eliminates the need for customer-side installation, thereby simplifying the process and enhancing user experience.

What sets WpgDash apart is its flexibility. The software can be tailored by users to download editions of content with dynamic priorities and customizable retries. This adaptability allows businesses to tweak the software to their unique needs, thereby maximizing the efficiency of their press monitoring process.

The software can normalize downloaded file names and convert PDF pages to other bitmap graphics formats, such as TIFF or JPG.

WpcDash, l'ultimo prodotto di Stonebit, porta l'automazione delle rassegne stampa a un nuovo livello, estendendo le funzionalità di WpgDash per una maggiore efficienza e produttività

However, the distinctiveness of WpgDash doesn’t end with its flexibility. The software boasts unparalleled precision and speed that surpasses human capability. This translates into significant time savings, with hundreds of manual work hours being saved. The surge in productivity and monetary savings are just a few of the myriad benefits offered by WpgDash—a product that blends simplicity and accuracy into one powerful solution.

The innovation doesn’t stop here. Stonebit has elevated the concept of press review automation to new heights with the launch of WpcDash, a software that extends and enhances the capabilities of WpgDash. With WpcDash, Stonebit reaffirms its leadership position in the realm of press review automation, consistently delivering cutting-edge and high-performing solutions.

To learn how WpgGrabber and its companion WpcDash can optimize your press monitoring process and contribute to your business success, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. With Stonebit’s solutions, efficiency is truly at your fingertips.