Innovating Press Monitoring with WpcDash – Stonebit’s Cutting-Edge Software

Stonebit has once again made an impact with the launch of WpcDash, an innovative software that complements WpgDash. WpcDash is a cutting-edge web crawler that performs accurate scanning (scraping) of online sites, blogs, and publications, establishing itself as a powerhouse in the field of “Revolutionizing Press Monitoring with WpcDash.”

WebPressCrawler emerges as the ultimate solution for automated press reviews. This remarkable platform empowers all businesses engaged in press monitoring to independently explore web pages of online news outlets, both national and international, irrespective of their payment model.

Empower Your Press Monitoring Strategy with WpcDash – Unlocking Efficiency and Precision

WpcDash expands on the potential of WpgCrawler, enabling comprehensive management through a web interface. This cloud-based solution frees customers from the need for installation, simplifying the process and enhancing the user experience.

The software is designed to be highly customizable, allowing users to set priorities and customizable download attempts for content editions. This fully automated, self-sufficient, and customizable tool enables users to manage website content monitoring and downloading without the need for supervision.

WpcDash represents the evolution of WpgDash, a similar software for automating press reviews, specializing in downloading online publications from traditional newspapers in PDF or similar formats. Like WpgDash, WpcDash offers unmatched precision and processing speed surpassing human capabilities, resulting in significant savings of manual labor hours.

The advantages of using WpcDash are numerous, including cost savings and increased productivity. Our product provides a simple yet highly effective solution. Contact us to discover how WpcDash can become the engine of success for your business.

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